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Marigat, Baringo County, Kenya

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Kiborgoch Conservancy

Kiborgoch Conservancy

The Flamingo Triangle.

The Kiborgoch Flamingo Triangle came about as a result of a slow gravitational water flow and soil deposits over a long period of time. The water ways were formed along the base of the raised soil deposits forming a triangular shape. The water, through gravitational force, diverge upwind and converge at the lower part of the triangle forming a dry land at the middle. Due to its PH levels, the soil at the swampy area favors the growth of vegetation cover including the Algae (Euglenophyta) and Flukes (Trematoda) amongst other types of worms. The slow phase of water flow and the grass cover, creates a stagnation effect and hence a breeding ground for mosquito’s larvae.

The migratory birds such the Flamingoes both the Greater and the Lesser Flamingoes amongst other birds’ species, fly to Kiborgoch Conservancy in search of food and breeding. Flamingoes feed on Algae and mosquito larvae. Birds feed on flukes as well.

Benefits of Kiborgoch Flamingo Triangle:

  • Through the value addition, the triangle acts as an extra revenue point.

It is the only Flamingo Triangle in the region and in the world with deep resources such as Aquatic species, Wild Animals, and various Birds species all in one point at a given time!

  • It provides a conducive environment for scientific research.
  • A natural One-Stop-Point with various birds’ species at a closer range. Good for bird watching.
  • Acts as a buffer zone during a dry period for the neighboring conservancies such as Chuine and Irong.
  • A source of employment opportunities.
  • Good location for medicinal plants.
  • Its geographical location is adjacent to Lake Bogoria Spa Resort that offers hospitality services.

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