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The Origin of Lake Bogoria

The Origin of Lake Bogoria

The local community believes the lake, set at the foot of Laikipia escarpment, is a result of the gods’ retribution against a wayward clan. They say thousands of years ago —about 20 generations ago —Bogoria village was a fertile land hosting Kapsogomo and Kapsaraki clans. Although they shared the same ancestry, the two clans were different.

part from both being pastoralists, their lifestyles varied. The Kapsogomo were generous, kind and humble. The Kapsaraki clan was arrogant, proud and unkind.The kapsarki used to dig small dams and fill them with milk just as a show off, which is the most wealthy in the clan would dig a large dam and fill the same with milk it was more like a competition and the gods where not happy about that.

So at one time an old beggar from a far away land happened to pass by the clan where he met the kapsaraki people he went to each of their homestead to ask for water and something to eat but all they gave was goat’s placenta and chased the poor beggar away, until he came by the kapsogomo family who told him to put the placenta by the goats shed and proceeded to give him some food and water also clean clothes then he went away happily.

One evening the gods appeared and warned the kapsogomo family of a punishment to be meted on the village. They advised them to pack and leave. The kapsogomo family collected everything and waited for an opportune time to leave. And that night, heavy rain started pounding the area. The rain was so heavy that it shook the ground and jets of hot water started to shoot up from the ground {the now famous Bogoria geysers} and that chaos reigned in the village as sounds of falling pots and gourds hit against each other.

Screams of desperate men and women could be heard thousands of miles away.Property was destroyed and people perished. But the Kapsogomo were spared. Their houses were not touched despite the village being submerged in water. . . When the Kapsogomo woke up the following morning, they found themselves surrounded by a mass of water. They were actually standing on an island. Leading out of the island to the main land was a narrow path.

The clan elder, Kapsogomo, led his family and everything that lived in his house out of the island, As the Kapsogomo family went through the path, the earth behind them formed a depression that was filled with water. By the time they reached the mainland, the narrow path had been filled with water.“It became a huge lake and when the neighbours learnt what had happened, they named the huge mass of water Lake Bogoria.

 The kapsogomo never went back to lake Bogoria because they believed they would disappear or get hunted down, a story is said about a young man who went with the wife to see the lake while they were about to reach the lake the man started to run like a mad person toward the lake, the wife also took off following the husband when the womanwas about to reach him the man jumped in to the lake and died.

Other beliefs are said about the life back in the dark, voices being heard at night time of people whistling, mothers working on their gourds, goats bleating, cows ‘mooing’ they believed that they is life under the ground.

The lake Is also a shrine to the Endoroids after a land mark land rights ruling of 2010 by Hon. James Orengo {The then minister of lands}.


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